Beachwood Blendery

Beachwood Blendery is a small batch beer producer established in 2014 by the same creative minds behind the award winning Beachwood Brewing. Beachwood Blendery has embarked on an undoubtedly geeky quest to recreate the Lambic style beers of Belgium. Our beers are produced using ingredients, equipment, and brewing methods that are both steeped in tradition and admittedly modern.

The more traditional methods involve the use of un-malted wheat, aged hops, a koelschip placed in the rafters, spontaneous fermentation, neutral French Oak wine barrels and puncheons.

The modern approach uses non-traditional ingredients, including unconventional grains and tropical fruit, and involves keeping a mixed house culture constantly propagating and developing in our incubators.

All of this occurs in our custom-designed barrel room, built to mimic the daily temperature and humidity fluctuations of a Lambic brewery in Belgium.

The first beers produced by Beachwood Blendery, aptly named 'The Propagation Series', were variations of Brett Saison and Berliner Weisse brewed and blended to test how the different yeast and bacteria performed in the Beachwood Blendery environment. The results of this experiment have been factored into what have become Beachwood Blendery's signature Lambic-inspired beers. These core brands all involve beer that has been fermented and aged in oak barrels for 9 months to 3 years with a wide variety of microoganisms, that shape the tart, funky, and complex flavors we've come to desire. Yes, these beers take an exceptionally long time to develop, but we think that it's well worth the wait.


The Beachwood Blendery Team

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